Archipelago Insights As A Means Of National Development And The Building Of Nation Characters

  • Mulyati Mulyati Prodi Perbankan Syariah, IAIN Salatiga
Keywords: Insight, archipelago, Indonesia, character, building


Every nation has written and unwritten ideals. These ideals have important role for a nation
because they can give a passion for life and give direction in setting national goals. The ideals of the Indonesian people themselves are reflected in the second paragraph of the 1945 Constitution Preamble. The Indonesian people are aware that independence is not a goal in the struggle of the nation, but rather a tool to realize an independent, united, sovereign, just and prosperous state of Indonesia. Based on these aspirations, the national goals of the Indonesian people, are presented in the fourth paragraph of the Preamble. To realize these national goals and objectives, there are three determining factors that must be considered, namely geography, human resources, and environment. This research it self
uses qualitative analysis techniques, namely analysis based on the causal relationship of historical phenomena in the scope of time and place. The results show that the realization of national ideals and goals depends on the Indonesian people utilizing the geographical environment, history and sociocultural conditions, as well as the way of the community in looking at themselves and their environment. Archipelago’s insight is the perspective of the Indonesian people about themselves and their environment, and is one of the means in building the nation character.